Training Materials Aligned for QCTO Accreditation


Modules Included: Knowledge Modules, Practical Modules and Workplace Experience Modules

Guides Included (All or some!): Lerner Guide, Facilitator Guide, Assessment Guide, Moderator Guide, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, POE Guide

List of Occupational Certificates (OC)

SAQA ID88895- OC Foundational Learning Competence (FLC)

SAQA ID91994- OC Office Administration- Public Administration

SAQA ID93544- OC Supply and Distribution Manager

SAQA ID93626- OC Boilermaker

SAQA ID93627- OC Bricklayer

SAQA ID94100- OC Welder

SAQA ID94597- OC Health Promotion Officer

SAQA ID94941- OC Chef

SAQA ID96372- OC Career Development Information Officer

SAQA ID97154- OC Occupational Trainer

SAQA ID97542- OC ECD Practitioner L4

SAQA ID97990- OC Diesel Mechanic

SAQA ID97990- OC Automotive Diesel Mechanic

SAQA ID98890- OC Social Auxiliary Worker L5

SAQA ID98959- OC Bookkeeper

SAQA ID99111- OC Supply Chain Practitioner

SAQA ID99510- OC Child and Youth Care Worker L5

SAQA ID99669- OC Sales Assistant (General Retail Sales Advisor)

SAQA ID99703- OC Store Person

SAQA ID99708- OC Service Station Attendant

SAQA ID99714- OC Health and Safety Practitioner

SAQA ID101321- OC Training and Development Practitioner

SAQA ID101571- OC Christian Religious Professional L5

SAQA ID101865- OC Tourist Information Officer

SAQA ID102161- OC Project Manager

SAQA ID102161- OC Office Administrator

Many SETA Aligned Qualifications and Unit Standards available on request!

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